Re: Fear of Flying

Date:         17 Dec 96 03:09:18 
From: (Peter Coe)
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Tim Long <> writes:

>M Carling wrote:
>> The probability of one engine failing in mid-flight on a 747 is less than 1
>> in 1000.

>I doubt it's that high. I recently flew a KLM 747 LAX to Amsterdam and I
>asked the pilot how often he had had single engine failures. He stated
>that he had NEVER had a single failure in his airline career!

Just to counter that as a passenger on a total of 209 flight sectors, I
have suffered two in-flight shutdowns.  One a precautionary event, the
other a bird strike.

I have also flown on three aircraft that have since had fatal crashes.
I think I am therefore a statistical abnormality.

Wonderful thing statistics.