Re: A second 757 crash -- off the Dominicana

From: (Mikael Zelikman)
Organization: Helsinki University of Technology
Date:         27 Feb 96 23:00:31 
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Regarding tanking with the wrong fuel ... I don't know about big jets, but
about a year ago a light twin crashed at night time in the nothern Finland
resulting in one fatality. Preliminary report indicated complete engine
failure shortly after take-off. The cause of the crash was the
misunderstanding between the crew and the person who refueled the
the plane. The pilot was Swedish (I believe) he asked for "Petrol"
meaning Avgas and got "lentopetrooli" which Jet A1 in Finnish.

Regardless of the above, I doubt the wrong fuel was the cause in the
Dominican crash for the simple reason of finding it hard to believe
that they could find tens of thousands of lbs of avgas at any airport
these days!

Mika Zelikman