Could TWA800 really have happened this way?

Date:         16 Dec 96 03:15:39 
From: (Chris Jardine)
Organization: Wood County Telephone Company
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	I've heard alot of talk from alot of people, but, I haven't heard any
real authoratative comments on this. Some people have said that the
fuel/fumes in the center tank were solely responsible for the
accident. Therefore I have a few simple questions for our experts

1) Would there would be enough energy in a low velocity explosion like
what would be available from Jet fuel with no help to cause the kind
of damage that obviously occurred in this case?

2) There has been a finger pointed at a sensor in the tank (old news).
I would assume that this sensor would be like many others that have
regulated power supplies that regulate voltage and current to 'safe'
levels. If this is the case could a sensor start this kind of

3) Now it seems that the 'ignition source du joure' is static
electricity. I would tend to believe that the engineers at Boeing
would have grounding braid wires attaching the tanks to nearby metal
surfaces. Considering the lengths ground crews go to discharge static
before fuelling a jet I would think that they have quite a system for
static discharge. If this is the case is this line of research just
another exercise in futility?

4) Where are the seats, bodies, etc. from directly above the tank.
Would the low velocity explosion have disintegrated all of this
material or would it have required a higher velocity explosion?

5) I think that all this talk of conspiracy is really stupid, but, is
there something going on here that the public doesn't know about? It
seems really hard to believe that NOTHING from the critical area of
this plane hasn't been found. Are the searchers not looking in the
right place? Has some of this material been found? If so, why doesn't
anybody seem to know about it? If some material was found and it
pointed somewhere that some people didn't want the investigation going
did something happen to this material? Since anything that would have
been in this critical area would have been the first thing out of the
plane I truely hope that we simply are not looking in the right place!

I hope that this starts some people thinking and that somehow someone
will maybe look at something that may have been overlooked.

Let's keep any conversations civil, and any flame wars out of this

Chris Jardine
CJ Electronics