Re: Cargo door theory TWA 800 and others

Date:         16 Dec 96 03:15:38 
From: (Simon Craig)
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>It does have something to do with the accident because it can explain why
>182 door popped in descent and not climb, like the others. The max
>airspeed allowed for AI 182 with the fifth engine was 290 knots and the
>pilot kept it at 290 the whole trip until the end when he allowed the
>speed to creep up. At 296 knots CAS the door went, nose went, plane went

My goodness!  So an airspeed increase caused the cargo door to blow out.
Extraordinary.  This theory is only a little more ludicrous than the very
dangerous "empty centre wing tank" theory, you know - "All those vapours
in an empty tank are more dangerous than a full tank."

Are you saying the 747 is intrinsically unsafe because of the cargo door?

There are an awful lot of timebombs out there.  Don't fly in 747 with a
cargo door.  And if you have a real deathwish, fly in one with a cargo
door AND an empty centre wing tank!


Simon Craig

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