Re: KAL shot down by USSR in 1978 (_not_ KAL 007)

Date:         16 Dec 96 03:15:38 
From:         "john r." <>
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In article <airliners.1996.2793@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Douglas Rudoff
<> writes
>Checking one of the air safety web sites I came across it: On April
>20, 1978 a KAL Boeing 707 on a flight from Paris to Seoul was shot
>down near Murmansk.
>Does anyone have any more details on what happened?

The crew got totaly lost due incompetence and poor equipment, were
intercepted and after refusing to follow signals were shot at, this
killed at least one passenger and depressurised the plane. They then put
down on the frozen lake and the Russians too ages to find them.

There are photos taken from insisde the plane of the fighters, it all
took place in daylight.
>I do find it interesting that this incident isn't well known. Although
>I'm sure a big part has to do with the few deaths involved.
Also it was more of a clear cut case.