Re: TWA #800: "sparker" in tank?

Date:         13 Dec 96 04:26:04 
From:         Chris Hall <>
Organization: Airborne Display Limited
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In article <airliners.1996.2659@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Ken
<> writes
>Another theory (which may not be new) on TWA 800 explosion:
>Is it possible that a spark generator could have been
>inserted into the center fuel tank?  Perhaps at any of several
>airports which this aircraft had visited over the preceding weeks.

It is impossible to obtain access to the inside of a fuel tank. Apart
from maintenance hatches that are only opened during servicing, the only
access to fuel tanks is by the fuel piping.

>Scenario: An Iranian/Iraqi/Hezbollah terrorist gains access to
>the parked airliner at Athens one night and magnetically (or otherwise)
>attaches the radio-activated "sparky" to the upper surface of
> the center fuel tank.

How would any terrorist know if the tank was going to be full or empty?

>Days later, from the Long Island shore, he or a cohort, transmits
>a radio signal which simply activates a little battery spark.
>BOOM. "Old Sparky" is blown to bits along with the airliner.
>Has this theory been investigated?

It does not need to be investigated.
Chris Hall