Re: ATR-72's and Airbuses

Date:         13 Dec 96 04:26:03 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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In article <airliners.1996.2820@ohare.Chicago.COM> jfmezei ( wrote:
> H Andrew Chuang wrote:
> > than the US.)  In addition, because of Airbus's structure, Airbus divides
> > **all** the workload amongst its partners and doesn't look for the most
> > cost-effective subcontractors.
> The use of the word ALL in the above paragraph is misleading.

Well, perhaps a wrong choice of word, "most of" should be more appropriate
than "all."

> I get the
> impression that you want the reader to beleive that Airbus gives work only
> to consortium members which are inefficient because they are located in
> Europe where everything is more expensive, as opposed to Boeing and MD
> which choose amongst many contractors to find the best/lowest price one.
> Since Bombardier/Canadair has worked on Airbus products, and since
> Bombardier is not part of Airbus, and since many US suppliers also
> participate in Airbus products, I am affraid that your argument looses
> all credibility with me.
> And why not mention those contracts Boeing awards to countries such as
> Brazil in order to secure purchases from those countries' airlines ?
> Would these really represent the lowest cost/highest quality ratio Boeing
> could find ????

Boeing is not alone in securing foreign orders by sub-contracting works
to foreign vendors.  Airbus is just the same.  Just look at how hard
Boeing and Airbus are fighting for Air-India's and Indiann Airlines
orders.  Since both are being equal, then this is not of much significance
in the current discussion.  Furthermore, these sub-contracts usually
account very small percentage of the total cost.

I did not make up these "accusations."  Airbus's Work load distribution has
been discussed in reputable publications like the Wall Street Journal (U.S.
publication), Financial Times (British), Aviation Week (U.S.), Flight
International (British), Economist (British), etc.  In fact, I read the
three British publications more than I read the two US publications.  You
certainly are entitled to your opinions.  I have no intention to force
you to believe what I think; I'm merely stating my opinions.