Re: Re[2]: TWA Flight 800 accident

Date:         13 Dec 96 04:26:02 
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"Peter Mchugh" <> writes:
>>...the only thing you'll see out the front is blue sky or stars...
>Or perhaps other airplanes...what a novel idea?

No, not novel, just an idea whose time has gone.  See and be seen has been
tried for 93 years now and its major inadequacies are among the best
documented research in civil aviation.  Only a regulator with his head in
the sand (or the office filing cabinet) keeps on thinking (hoping?) that
it has any value outside the circuit area - and it's not that good there.

It's a legal concept that has no foundation in the real world.  If you
have some time and an open mind, try the NTSB's publications on the concept
of see-and-be-seen.  They're part of the reports on the last few mid-airs.

As an old colleague said once, "I've been looking out flight deck windows
now, day and night, rain, cloud and clear for 24,000 hours and I'm
convinced that all it will do is mean that I die tensed up.  The only ones
I ever saw were the ones I wasn't going to hit."

Thank God for TCAS.  Thank God for the NTSB.

Graeme Cant