Re: New ground proximity warning.

Date:         13 Dec 96 04:26:01 
From: (Craig Welch)
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  or MIME structure (Duane F Marble) wrote:

> I seem to recall
>that the New Zealand sightseeing crash in Antartica some years ago
>arose out of bad terrain data

The Royal Commissioner said:

"In my  opinion ... the single dominant and effective cause of the
disaster was the mistake made by those airline officials who
programmed the aircraft to fly directly at Mount Erebus and omitted to
tell the aircrew. That mistake is directly attributable, not so much
to the persons who made it, but to the incompetent administrative
airline procedures, which made the mistake possible.

In my opinion, neither Captain Collins nor the flight engineers made
any error which contributed to the disaster, and were not responsible
for is occurrence."

Air New Zealand officials lied their butts off at the hearings,
causing the Commissioner to make the following comments:

"The palpably false sections of evidence which I heard could not have
been the result of mistake, or faulty recollection. They originated, I
am compelled to say, in a predetermined plan of deception. They were
very clearly part of an attempt to conceal a series of disastrous
administrative blunders and so, in regard to the particular items of
evidence to which I have referred, I am forced reluctantly to say that
I had to listen to an orchestrated litany of lies."