Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         13 Dec 96 04:26:00 
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> The keynote speaker of the 1996 Pacific Northwest Software Quality
> aircraft.  He vowed never to fly on one...
> How was the 777 tested?  Is it safe?  Or is it "unsafe at any airspeed?"

  It would be impossible to test if you tested it like PC software is
tested, which is to say you exercise it as a black box and hope you
cover most of the combinations, then ship it. The rules for
certification of flight critical embedded software require to
rigorously test per design documents at many levels, you have to read
the code, then test the individual code modules, then you test that
they can talk to each other, then you test that they do so as a
system.  This process is described in the RTCA document DO-178B.  All
the fault conditions are most certainly required to be tested.  It
does require hundreds of man-years of work.  The really irresponsible
thing is when people who should know better sound off like that in

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