Gimli Glider (was: Ethiopian 767 crash)

Date:         13 Dec 96 04:25:59 
From: (Niels Sampath)
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In article <airliners.1996.2823@ohare.Chicago.COM>
  "michael keenan" writes:

>Only one hitch here- without fuel, the crew would have been reduced to
>basic 3-axis control (that's all the ram air turbine can do). The flaps
>and slats could not be deployed.

This reminded me of the nose gear on the AC Gimli Glider not locking
(I believe). Although in that case it may have helped bring them safely
to a halt.....would this happen again now given the same engine-out
and reliance-on-RAT circumstances?

Also a comment on the Ethiopian ditching... the distance from shore
looks about right for a reef site. So, apart from the final turn
to port which may have been to avoid coming in too fast onto the beach
itself we could also speculate on what the pilot saw just under the water
in front of him...