Re: Cargo door theory TWA 800 and others

Date:         12 Dec 96 04:39:33 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>when I quote from an official document I link to the page, the actual
>page, not a OCR version or paraphrased version, the actual page.

I figured that might be one factor, though you could always have an
OCR version for easy access with links to images of the Real McCoy
as you currently have.  Then again, when you have is considerably
better than nothing, so I'm not really complaining.

>> Looking at PA 103, the official accident report attributes the crash
>> to a bomb in the forward cargo hold.  I didn't see anything to make
>> the case that the cargo door failed, as opposed to being blown out by
>> a bomb.

>Could have been a bomb blowing out door. But door definitely went and it
>could have been force of bomb.

Hang on just a minute there!  Your entire argument is that a failure
of the cargo door was the cause of each of these crashes.  If a bomb
blew out the door, the departure of the cargo door is simply part of
the breakup and not part of the cause.  Engines probably departed the
airframe, too, but that in no way leads to the conclusion that PA 103
was attributable to the same cause as the El Al 747-200F in Amsterdam.

>Right, could have been bomb in 182 that blew door but door definitely went.

Same thing, you've just thrown out your entire point, unless you claim
that a failure of the cargo door triggered the bomb!

>> AI 182 was carrying a fifth engine in a pod!

>It does have something to do with the accident because it can explain why
>182 door popped in descent and not climb, like the others. The max
>airspeed allowed for AI 182 with the fifth engine was 290 knots and the
>pilot kept it at 290 the whole trip until the end when he allowed the
>speed to creep up. At 296 knots CAS the door went, nose went, plane went

By what mechanism might increased air speed trigger an alleged failure
of the cargo door?

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