Re: Cargo door theory TWA 800 and others

Date:         12 Dec 96 04:39:33 
Organization: Red Shift, Inc.
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> Take a look before you write the guy off.
> They're scanned images of the pages, not text, and there is
> no "next page" button on each one, so they're a bit clumsy to read,
> but a lot easier than not having anything.)

John Barry Smith here, cargo door guy, and yes, they are clumsy to read,
too long to download. Here's why; when I quote from an official document I
link to the page, the actual page, not a OCR version or paraphrased
version, the actual page. The Canadian report came askew on the paper and
I scanned it askew.

> No NTSB report for TW 800, of course, since the report doesn't exist
> yet, but he has a good collection of what's available to date which
> includes NTSB and FBI releases.

Not good enough and I await impatiently for the public docket, which is late.

> Looking at PA 103, the official accident report attributes the crash
> to a bomb in the forward cargo hold.  I didn't see anything to make
> the case that the cargo door failed, as opposed to being blown out by
> a bomb.  Maybe it's in there, but there's a *lot* of material on those
> web pages!

Could have been a bomb blowing out door. But door definitely went and it
could have been force of bomb.

> Same thing for AI 182.  Maybe the damage is consistent with a UA 811-
> style cargo door failure, but it seems to me like a bomb in the forward
> cargo hold would produce the same result, except for telltale signs of
> a bomb if that was the trigger.

Right, could have been bomb in 182 that blew door but door definitely went.

> One final, interesting tidbit -- AI 182 was carrying a fifth engine in
> a pod! There's no reason to believe this has anything to do with the
> accident but given the recent discussions about the procedure it was
> interesting to note.

It does have something to do with the accident because it can explain why
182 door popped in descent and not climb, like the others. The max
airspeed allowed for AI 182 with the fifth engine was 290 knots and the
pilot kept it at 290 the whole trip until the end when he allowed the
speed to creep up. At 296 knots CAS the door went, nose went, plane went
  Thank you Karl Swartz for an informed opinion about site. I await
critical commentary about the cargo door website. Please rebut with facts.
The theory is extensive and must explain everything from streak, radar
anonaly, missing bodies, fireball, inflight damage, wreckage pattern, CVR
and FDR, and physical evidence. I say it does.