Re: Ethiopian 767 crash

Date:         12 Dec 96 04:39:33 
From:         jfmezei <>
Organization: SPC
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Simon Craig wrote:
> I've heard a few theories on this.  One theory is that the a/c still had
> the left engine running, therefore the pilot was trying to compensate for
> the right engine "yaw effect" by using some aileron.

How come that there was no water spray behind left engine just before it
entered the water ?

Could it be that the pilot was veering left to avoid landing on the
beach ?

> I'm not really sure why he wasn't using any flaps.  I can cleary see the
> RAT deployed in the video,

Can you tell me where I can see the RAT on the video ?  I have looked
for it but couldn't find it.

> Most reports seem to suggest that he had one of the hijackers in the F/Os
> seat, meaning he was too busy trying to keep control that he was unable to
> select flaps, or the hijacker was the real cause for the pilot not being
> able to level out and settle the plane on its tail, which is I think the
> standard (or recommended) procedure for a ditching.
> Had he been able to do this, the airframe would have had a much better
> chance of remaining intact.

>From watching the video, it seems that the Plane actually landed pretty
smoothy and intact, but because of increased drag on the left side
(which entered before) and no drag from right wing and engine still in
the air, the fuselage began to spin/turn and only when it got to about
90 degrees against direction did the breakup supposedly occured.

The amateur video shot from the beach does not show any of the plane's
fuselage breaking up. You see some debris flying as the left engine
enters the water, and some debris as the right wing becomes vertical.
But the tail section seems attached to the fuselage all the way to that
moment where everything becomes obscured by water spray.

I would appreciate any comments on what details to look for in the video
to detect that fuselage was broken etc etc.

Finally, does anyone know if the right engine stayed attached to the
right wing throughout the landing, or did it finally fall off ?