Re: MD-88 Nose gear trouble

Date:         12 Dec 96 03:49:26 
From:         katie@physics12.Berkeley.EDU (Katie Schwarz)
Organization: UC Berkeley
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Reid Fairburn  <> wrote:
>>Anyone know the procedure if they never did get a green light on the
>>lock?  Belly landing or main gear only landing?
>======Robbie:    The lack of a green, down & locked, light indication must
>be verified if possible.  You can fly by a tower and they can look at it to

This reminds me of an incident at Boston's Logan Airport in the summer of
1989. A Trump Shuttle -- I think it was a 727 or maybe 737 -- coming in to
land could not get its nose gear light to come on. They flew by the tower,
which confirmed that the gear was not down. Then they went out over the
ocean and did some violent "roller coaster" motions to try to shake it
loose, but no luck.

>If in fact the nose gear is jammed in a position other than down & locked, a
>normal landing will take place and the nose lowered slowly and carefully to
>the ground with the hope that minimal damage will occur.

That's what this aircraft did. They brought the nose slowly to the ground,
and it skidded along the runway, throwing off a huge plume of sparks (there
was a picture of this all across the front page of the Boston Globe the
next day). A lot of fire trucks were standing by, but weren't needed --
most of the fuel had been dumped over the ocean. The passengers evacuated
down the slide from the rear door.

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