Re: 737: Take-off without flaps?

Date:         12 Dec 96 03:49:24 
From:         Art Intemann <>
Organization: Earthlink Network, Inc.
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Andrew Goldfinger wrote:
> So -- if you are in a commercial jet and arrive at the runway with the
> flaps not deployed, what should you do?  Call for the flight attendent as
> urgently as you can, or sit back and do nothing?

Sit back and do nothing.
Some days you eat the bear.
Some days the bear eats you...

As soon as the throttles are advanced for takeoff, a warning horn
will alert the crew if the flaps are not in a takeoff position.
It is really tough to take off with the warning horn blaring....

Of course, it could be a dark and stormy night,
and maybe the warning horn is not working properly,
and perhaps the crew is 12 hours into a day the government
now suggests could be as long as 14 or 16 hours and still be safe.
And they might have forgotten to start one of the engines, giving
a huge yaw problem on the initial take off roll, due to an effort
to save money at their upstart carrier.

The permutations are mind boggling....