KAL shot down by USSR in 1978 (_not_ KAL 007)

Date:         12 Dec 96 03:49:23 
From:         dougrud@animal.blarg.net (Douglas Rudoff)
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After KAL 007 was shot down I remember reading a paragraph or two
about a previous KAL flight that had been shot down - what I remember
was that only one or two passengers had been killed and the airliner
crashlanded on a frozen lake.

This is an incident I haven't heard about in years and I wondered if I
remembered it correctly (and I few people I asked don't recall ever
hearing of the incident).

Checking one of the air safety web sites I came across it: On April
20, 1978 a KAL Boeing 707 on a flight from Paris to Seoul was shot
down near Murmansk.

Does anyone have any more details on what happened?

I do find it interesting that this incident isn't well known. Although
I'm sure a big part has to do with the few deaths involved.
Doug Rudoff                   dougrud@blarg.net                 Seattle, WA