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Date:         08 Dec 96 13:07:44 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>Is there a commercial version of the c-17?

Not yet, though MacDAC has talked about producing one.  I've seen the
proposal referred to as the MD-17.

I wonder how much marketing leverage they could gain for the MD-17
from the popularity of the MD-11 (and DC-10) in the cargo business?

Back to the subject of the C-17, there were talks a while back about
Boeing either merging with MD or maybe just taking Douglas, allowing
McDonnell to focus on the military market.  The more recent agreement
for Douglas to do contract work for Boeing seems like it *could* be a
step in that direction.  If so, what would happen to the C-17?  Since
it's built in Long Beach, it seems likely that it would become part of
the Boeing fold along with the rest of Douglas.  If so, that would be
a bit ironic after Boeing's YC-16 lost to the C-17!

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