Re: Ethiopian 767 crash

Date:         08 Dec 96 13:07:44 
From: (Simon Craig)
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In article <airliners.1996.2614@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Andre Neves"
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>I've seen the images of the crash as many of you did, and I wonder
>if anybody has any idea of what happened, because the overwater
>landing was done completely flapless and the left spoilers
>completely open causing the unadvisable roll to the left on finals.
>This was in my opinion the cause for so many fatalities.
>If the landing had been performed properly (full flaps, slats
>and level) maybe nobody would have died!
>(after all the aircraft was quite light...)

I've heard a few theories on this.  One theory is that the a/c still had
the left engine running, therefore the pilot was trying to compensate for
the right engine "yaw effect" by using some aileron.  On the 767 the use
of aileron causes spoiler deployment, as determined by each spoiler's
black box.  As for whether the spoilers were fully deployed or not I can't
be sure, but I think not.

I'm not really sure why he wasn't using any flaps.  I can cleary see the
RAT deployed in the video, meaning there was at least minimum centre
hydraulics which will allow some movement of the flaps/slats - but only
with elec power, so maybe he was withought elec power by that stage  (the
flaps are powered hydraulically but controlled electrically).

Most reports seem to suggest that he had one of the hijackers in the F/Os
seat, meaning he was too busy trying to keep control that he was unable to
select flaps, or the hijacker was the real cause for the pilot not being
able to level out and settle the plane on its tail, which is I think the
standard (or recommended) procedure for a ditching.

Had he been able to do this, the airframe would have had a much better
chance of remaining intact.


Simon Craig

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