Re: Ethiopian 767 crash

Date:         08 Dec 96 13:07:44 
From:         "Walter E. Shepherd" <>
Organization: The Aerospace Corporation
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Andre Neves wrote:
> I've seen the images of the crash as many of you did, and I wonder
> if anybody has any idea of what happened, because the overwater
> landing was done completely flapless and the left spoilers
> completely open causing the unadvisable roll to the left on finals.
> This was in my opinion the cause for so many fatalities.
> If the landing had been performed properly (full flaps, slats
> and level) maybe nobody would have died!
> (after all the aircraft was quite light...)
> Any comments?

My understanding of the press reports was that at the time of the
ditching the flight deck crew were involved in a physical struggle with
drunken hijackers who were attempting to wrest control away and prevent
the landing, even though the engines had already shut down from lack of
fuel.  That might explain why the aircraft configuration was