Re: Gear placement in ditching

Date:         08 Dec 96 13:07:42 
From:         "Leo Kok" <>
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GEAR UP!  Gear down is not worth the risk in causing A/C break up.  The A/C
will slow down quite nicely by the water drag and/or suction depending on the
geometry.  The problem of putting the gear down is that you can cause the A/C
to spin or tumble.  This is not what you want.  Use the smooth fuselage lines
to stabilize the entry into water.  Even high wing A/C are recommended to go in
with GEAR UP.  For more info

REF: Lloyd J. Fisher and Edward L. Hoffman, Ditching investigations of dynamic
models and effects of design parameters on ditching characteristics. , NACA TN
3946, February 1957.

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