Re: Peruvian 757 crash

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:44 
From:         David Abrahamian <>
Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services
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> jfmezei <> wrote on 25 Nov 96 06:18:50 :-
> > I was once on a A320 where the pilots explained to us the PAX that the
> > "computer was not cooperating" and that they had to shut it down and
> > restart it from scratch and that this would take 8 minutes and that we
> > would thus be leaving a bit late. I assume a good part of the 8 minutes
> > was running a checklist and recalibrating stuff, correct ?
> >
> > Just how long does it take to reboot the computers on a plane ?

I must have been on the same United flight out of DEN a couple of years
ago (Feb 95).  We had pushed back from the gate and began to taxi to the
runway with one engine running when the flight crew attempted to start
the second.  The second engine refused to start, and sounded like a starter
motor on a car.  After about ten minutes of this fun, and quite a few
passengers wondering what the hell was going on, we turned back to the
terminal and the pilots came on the PA to explain that "since they
attempted to start the second engine too long after the first, that the
computer wouldn't let it start." So, the only fix that they knew of was
to return to the gate, and completely shut down all power to the plane
for 8 minutes to re-boot the computer.  Unfortunately, this took the better
part of 2 hours.

I beleive that this was when the A320 was still new to United's fleet,
and they still hadn't quite figured it out.  Does this sound like it makes

Dave Abrahamian