Re: Thrust reversers [Was: Peruvian 757 crash -- possible cause reported]

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:43 
From: (S. TOLBOOM)
Organization: Tilburg University, The Netherlands
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In article <airliners.1996.2593@ohare.Chicago.COM> (C. Marin Faure) writes:

>I believe there was an incident years ago in Japan when the pilot of a
>DC-8 "went nuts" in the cockpit (whatever that implies) and deployed the
>thrust reversers as the plane was on final approach over Tokyo Bay.  The
>plane went into the water, but I don't recall if there were any fatalities
>or not...

The following is probably the incident you describe:

 09.02.82 (unk. time) McDonnell Douglas DC- 8-61 CFIW
 JA-8061(45889/291) Japan Air Lines - JAL
 24 (174) Tokyo-Haneda IAP Phase: Final Approach Nature: Scheduled Passenger
 From: .... To: Tokyo-Haneda IAP Flightnumber: ?
 Flown into the shallow water of Tokyo Bay, 300m short of the runway. The
 nose and the right hand wing separated from the fuselage. The captain had
 recently suffered a psychosomatic disorder; preliminary reports suggested
 that the captain experienced some form of a mental abberation.
 Source: WAAS;

(source: Aviation Safety Web Pages:

Great site, featuring up-to-date info on recent accidents and a database with
about 2800 accidents since 1970.

Stephan Tolboom