Re: "Crooked 737s?"

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:43 
From:         ifly <>
Organization: Indigo
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  or MIME structure (Paul Kearney) wrote:
> (MikeM727) wrote:
>: Like you say, shutting down one engine while rolling into the gate is a
>: little different that taxiing around on one engine.  So much extra thrust
>: is required to get the thing moving, that much of the advantage is lost at
>: heavy weights.  Also depends how long the line is for takeoff.
>Out of curiousity
>Is there a HUGE difference in the  yaw when operating on one engine
>on a 737 to a 727  ( given where the engines are )
>or does the rudder counter-act the force pulling the nose around
>so that it might appear to be similar ?

There is a huge difference both in flight and on the ground. The 737 can
be a bit of an animal on one engine, particularly on a V1 cut. The
roll/yaw coupling is marked and the rudder immensly powerful, often
resulting in a bit of a PIO dance after rotation. It`s managable, but
I`ve seen many crash the sim after getting a bad one going.
Having said that, the 73 is still my favorite jet transport!
The 727 is much easier, although if you start pedaling the rudder, the
same thing happens. Boeing in fact recommend (at least in my training
manual) that no rudder at all is used initially, at least until the A/C
is stable.

Question answered?

J Morris