Re: ATR-72's and Airbuses

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:42 
From:         Colin Povey <>
Organization: Paradyne Corp.
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Jean-Francois Bosc wrote:
> Anyway, the main content of my message was that Airbus finds customers to buy
> its planes, and that those planes perform decently regarding safety. I don't
> think that you addressed these points in your answer. I've asked a few times
> for statistical data to be provided in support of Airbus criticism, and I find
> quite amusing that you return this argument now.
> Now, if you want facts, there has been many posts pretending that Airbus is
> going the wrong way by removing too much control from pilots, but I'm still
> waiting for the stats. Until they show up this is at best philosophy. To me the
> fact is that Airbus planes don't fall down particularly often. And I've read
> comments from pilots who liked them.

Simply compare the accident rate for two similar aircraft, the Boeing
757, which until recently was perfect, and the accidents that it has
suffered SO FAR seem related to pilot (flying into the side of a
mountain) or maintenance errors, (like apparently covered static sources
or pitot tubes).

Compare this with the A320 series. For example, the flight in Poland
where the pilot set the srong mode into the computer, but the display
was so similar on the CRT that he did not know it, and descended at
3,000 feet per minute, as opposed to 3 degrees (both were displayed as
3.0 on the CRT) and you get a feeling of why I do not like this

Personally, I like most Airbus aircraft, especially the A300, but I will
not fly on an A320 series.