Re: 737: Take-off without flaps?

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:41 
From:         ifly <>
Organization: Indigo
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The rotation speed of a 737 with the flaps up would be in the order of
165 to 195 kts, depending on the model, wing, and weight of the A/C.
They don`t sop much need flaps as the Leading edge devices. Atakeoff
without flaps would be possible, but really hairy, and you`d need a very
long runway for accelerate stop if the airplane was heavy. I posted a
note about one 737 I knew of that possibly took off without flaps and
LED`s and survived, though it scraped the tail, and was very badly
damaged, but the post didn`t seem to make it. I say the airplane "may"
have taken off without flaps, because the crew was so scared after, they
didn`t remember what happened, or if they retracted the flaps themselves
afterwards. After that incident, we visually checked LED`s before each
737`s often take off with 1 degree of flap out. They could look like
they`re up to someone not familiar with type.

J Morris