Re: Forum for aircraft electrical systems

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:39 
From:         Ed <>
Organization: The Internet Center, Inc. - Raleigh, NC
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Jim Parrish wrote:
> I am looking for an appropriate forum for questions and information
> about aircraft (military and commercial) electrical systems.  This
> would be both mechanical and electrical design questions.  Connecting
> with those who work technical issues for airframers, airline and
> military aircraft maintenance, and field issues would be great.
> Sci.aeronautics and Sci.aeronautics.airliners seems a good place to
> start.  Anyone have better suggestions?
> [Moderator's query:  What do you think, readers?  I'm a little
> hesitant to get too far from aeronautics here, but there may be a
> better place already.  Perhaps somewhere in rec.aviation.*?  MFS]

Electronics would seam to me to be appropiate.. certainly from a
functional operational aspect. Electronics must be approaching 30% of the
cost of most aircraft when you consider all engine monitor and controll
as well as the normal avionics and flight management stuff.