Re: Engine noise question

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:39 
From: (Jeff Bowen)
Organization: InterLog Internet Services
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I just wanted to express a big thanks to all on the newsgroup who
contributed to my education on the questions of engine noise of
passenger jets and on the maintenance question.

There were many answers to both posted in the newsgroup and
numerous responses via e-mail.  As I suspected, the answers
(especially to the noise question) were a good deal more
technical than I had suspected.  You all managed to put your
answers in words I could understand and that was just great.

One responder to the maintenance question ended up inviting me to
visit him at work at the airport where he works on passenger
planes and I'm going to do this in a week.  I can hardly contain
my excitement!

So... thanks again, everyone.

-- Jeff

| Jeff Bowen | <> | Toronto, Canada |