requesting info about crash incidents

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:38 
From:         Markus Buttinger <>
Organization: Customer of PING - Personal InterNet Gate
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A member of an airport's emergency operations asked me to post this
request here:

"I am requesting readers of this message to kindly supply me with
all available information (that is Internet sites, newsgroups, papers,
reviews, whatever other souces) on

- passenger rescue and aircraft crash recovery methods and related
actions used by airport emergency units

- technical instructions on how to recover passengers from different
aircraft in different crash incidents

- information about passengers' (and crew members') behavior during
emergency evacuations both inside and outside a crashed plane."

On behalf of him I thank you, already in advance

Markus Buttinger
Salzburg, Austria

P.S.: Please reply to my private e-mail address
rather than to the newsgroup, if possible. I will
forward your replies to the guy that asked me to
post this here. (He has no access to the Internet).