Re: GPS for Aerial Navigation

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:36 
From: (Randolph Bentson)
Organization: Alternate Access Incorporated
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In article <airliners.1996.2697@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Gerard Foley <> wrote:
>In "Flying", Dec. 1996 on p.16 Richard L. Collins says the FAA proposes
>to "phase out Omega and Loran-C by 2000 and most VORs and DMEs by 2010
>....GPS system for precision approaches will be operating in five years
>...isn't clear whether or not ILS systems are on the list to be phased
>out by 2010."
>In the same issue a letter to the editor complains about the lack of
>redundancy if sole reliance is placed on GPS, and the editor's note in
>comment agrees that many people are concerned about this, but GPS
>is cheap (the FAA doesn't pay for it, the DOD does!).

The FAA seems quite clear that Cat I ILS will be phased out
by 2010. It's also clear that the FAA's plans include other
sources of GPS range informtion from geostationary satellites
and _serious_ differential GPS support.  (I wonder why they
don't plan on pseudolites near airports to provide additional
GPS range information.)

Randolph Bentson