Re: GPS for Aerial Navigation

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:36 
From:         "Peter Mchugh" <>
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>In "Flying", Dec. 1996 on p.16 Richard L. Collins says the FAA proposes
>to "phase out Omega and Loran-C by 2000 and most VORs and DMEs by 2010
>....GPS system for precision approaches will be operating in five years
>...isn't clear whether or not ILS systems are on the list to be phased
>out by 2010."

The current draft Federal RadioNavigation Plan (FRP) shows termination
of Cat 1 ILS in 2010 along with MLS (which the plan calls for
implementing to meet international agreements at a limited number of
sites).  ILS Cat 11/111 phaseout will begin in 2005, but the Plan does
not predict a termination date.

By the way, the FRP shows termination of Omega by 1998, not the year

While FRP milestones and dates are solid planning figures, some have
been known to change in the past, so the level of certainty about shut
off dates is at least a little dependent on industry reaction and
influence.  NDBs are shown with a terminate date in 2006 (except in
Alaska where no shut off is predicted by the FRP), VOR/DME and TACAN
in 2010,  but IMHO it is anyone's guess when the last of these (NDBs
are 30s technology) navaids will cease operation...and really
dependent on whether the GA folks (and AOPA) are willing to let the
plan come together with reality and whether we are able to make GPS
primary, sole means, navigation.