aircraft computer reboots (was Peru 757)

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:36 
From: (Martin Fiddler)
Organization: Staffs University, UK
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  or MIME structure says...
>When a computer starts acting up, the easiest way to fix it is to reboot
>Are there not facilities/instructions on how to reboot all your
>computers DURING a flight ? I realise that there would be problems
>estimating your current position once computers are back up and telling
>the computer that it had awaken right in the middle of a flight.
>I was once on a A320 where the pilots explained to us the PAX that the
>"computer was not cooperating" and that they had to shut it down and
>restart it from scratch and that this would take 8 minutes and that we
>would thus be leaving a bit late. I assume a good part of the 8 minutes
>was running a checklist and recalibrating stuff, correct ?

I was on an A340 of Air Lanka waiting for pushback when the
captain told us that 'power needed disconnecting for a few
minutes, it will go dark, don't worry, etc..'   The apu was shut
down and the batteries disconnected - the emergency lighting
came on, so it wasn'tactually dark.

I spoke to him later and he said that a warning message about
an open engine valve wouldn't cancel, so they had to reboot the
computers.  I asked him about the IRS allignment and the
FMS route being lost, but he said those weren't re-booted and
kept their memory.   He also said that there was no CB to
pull, there had to be a total power down.

Interesting, I hope?

Also, while on the A340, I remember there was a VS A340
problem while holding near London, when I think both HSIs
and Attitude Displays went blank, saying "please wait, rebooting"!
The AAIB report was about 8 months ago.

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