Re: Airbus on a roll

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:33 
From:         "Luc Van Bavel" <no@junk.mail (use luc <AT> francomedia <DOT> qc <DOT> ca for mail. Thanks!)>
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Michael Hore <> a écrit dans l'article
> "t. smith" <> writes:
> >...
> >   As for the 45% list price, Airbus basically wants to sell America
> >airliners paid for by European taxpayers
> >...

> This particular assertion seems to be thrown around often here - does
> anybody have any actual figures on government subsidisation of the
> Airbus consortium companies, or is it just another US-based urban myth?

A recently released Lehman Brothers financial report on Airbus (without
Airbus approval), says that Airbus is substantially making money (1b$/year
before tax) and is paying back the governments loans.

Your comment about the impossibility Airbus members have to make their
workforce fluctuate with the market is true also. Social costs in Europe
have reached an absurd level, and firing an experienced worker is often
more expensive than keeping him a couple of years doing nothing.

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