Re: A3XX vs B747-600 (was: Airbus lawsuit coming?)

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:30 
From:         "McElravy" <>
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Stefano Pagiola <> wrote:
> RD Rick wrote:
> > There may be more A320's built than Comets, but the A320 may still have
> > a worse accident record, which at one time was the worst since the
> > beginning of the jet age.
> Worse by what criteria?  There have been 4 A320 hull losses (AF, Indian,
> IT, Lufthansa) out of 600-some built so far.  There were also at least 4
> Comet hull losses (the 2 in-flight disintegrations, plus landing accidents
> at Karachi and Rome), out of a much smaller number built ...

There seems to be some confusion about what my original statement about
"more A320s made than Comets" meant.  Everyone seemed to interpret it as
being safety related, which it was not.

I was discussing how Airbus was the first competitive European aircraft
manufacturer. Why? They built airplanes that airlines actually wanted. The
Comet was not an airliner that airlines wanted, so the 707 triumphed.
Airlines like A320s better than MD-80s, so Airbus is getting the business.

Sorry my post caused so much confusion. I thought that it might when I sent
it off, but hoped for the best. It was sort of a dumb statement, but we all
make those.

							Evan McElravy