Re: MD-88 Nose gear trouble

Date:         08 Dec 96 04:12:25 
From:         "David G. Davidson" <>
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Here's a quick rundown of what alternate gear locked indications some
airliners are equipped with.

B727 and B737 - periscopes for nose and main gear to allow the crew to
visually check the downlocks.

DC-9 - periscopes like the 727 and 737.

MD80/MD90 - periscopes for the main gear. A small pin that sticks up out
of the center pedestal just aft of the throttles for the nose gear.

L-1011 - periscope for the nose gear. Round plugs that stick out of the
top of the wings when the main gear is extended.

B-757/767 - no alternate methods to check that gear is down.

DC10/MD11 - periscopes for all three gear. All has the round plugs like
the L-1011 for the mains.

DC-8 - periscope for the nose gear, round plugs for the mains.

That's the only ones I sure of. Maybe someone else can fill in the list.