Re: ValuJet speculation

Date:         05 Dec 96 02:27:20 
From: (Cole Pierce)
Organization: MDSSC
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In article <airliners.1996.2481@ohare.Chicago.COM>, fritzs@ohsu.EDU (Steven E. Fritz) writes:
|>      The transcripts of the ValuJet crash that came out in the newspaper here
|> today suggest that the pilots may have opened the cockpit side windows to let
|> out smoke.  There is the sound of rushing wind on the recorder.  They were
|> around 9,000 feet.  Would there have been enough pressure difference and
|> fresh oxygen from the open windows to draw fire and smoke rapidly from the
|> passenger cabin forward to the cockpit, thus making the situation even worse
|> as far as ability to control the aircraft?

Good point.  It certainly would not have made it any better, assuming the
smoke was continuously coming from the cabin.

I wonder if the cockpit was supplied with the required smoke goggles???
Of course, if the smoke was really thick, the only thing the goggles will
do for you is to tell you your visibility really is zero.

gun one