Info Needed: Armor Encasing for Flight Deck Recorders

Date:         05 Dec 96 02:27:20 
From: (thad kimo)
Organization: California State University, Northridge
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        I am a full-time student at California State Univ. Northridge and
working on a term paper for my Material Science Engineering class.  The
topic I am working on is the specific metal used to protect (the armor)
flight deck recorders from aviation disasters.  So far, I have come up
with precipitation- hardened stainless steels, but I later found out there
are three different types-- austenitic, semi-austenitic, & martensitic
stainless steels.  I was wondering if anyone has any sources (books,
articles, specific websites) regarding this material or know any specific
manufacturers of flight deck recorders.  I am also looking for information
on this steel's durability, which method of "tempering" is used (what
kind of heat treatment process does this undergo?), and other alternate
alloys for protecting flight deck recorders.  If you can submit any
sources or information, it would greatly be appreciated.  Please respond

Thank you,