American Fleet Replacement Plans

Date:         05 Dec 96 02:27:19 
From: (Ken Jongsma)
Organization: Honeywell, Inc. - DAS
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There have been a number of posts recently that have been speculating
on what American's plans are for retiring various models of aircraft.
Robert Crandall is quoted in this week's AvWeek with the following:

	The 737-800s will replace the 727-200s. Because AA can't get
enough 737-800s by 2000, 40-50 727s will be hushkitted. Eventually,
*ALL* current narrowbodys (727s, MD-80s and F-100s) will be replaced
with one of the three 737 models (-600, -700 or -800).

	The 777s will replace MD-11s. Nine of the MD-11s have been
sold to FedEx, the remaining 7 will also be sold to someone. Fleet mix
of the 777 has not been determined, but American expects to take
delivery of three versions of the 777 (-200, -200X, and -300).

	As an interim measure, some Caribbean service A300-600Rs will
be converted to support transatlantic and transcontinental service.

	Because of planned retirements, the overall American fleet
will not grow more than 2% over the next 5 years.


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