Re: AAIB impound of B737-200

From:         Patrick Forman <>
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Date:         11 Jan 96 04:08:34 
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  or MIME structure (Bonnie Britt) wrote:
>Does anyone have any information on the British Air Accident
>Investigation Board (AAIB) impound of a B737-200 from British Airways Oct.
> 22, 1995 after the aircraft rolled right for several seconds @ 20
>degrees per second while the crew struggled to regain control.
>This was reported in early December.
>Is there anything on what is being examined or what the AAIB has
>discovered? Boeing is said to be cooperating. The aircraft took off from
>and landed in Glasgow.

The UK AAIB issued a Special Bulletin s1/96 on the BA 737 incident last
week.  It came to no firm conclusions and now awaits a Formal
Investigation.  The report adds a caveat that there are significant
differences between the Pittsburgh and Colorado Springs incidents and the
BA 22 October alarm.  The latter was a roll/yaw oscillation lasting about
seven minutes:  the two earlier accidents were characterised by a single
departure in yaw/roll from controlled flight.  Incidentally, the flight
was from Gatwick and return to Gatwick after the crew's MAYDAY.  The AAIB
Fax number is 01252 376999.  It is too long to transcribe here.

Regards, Patrick Forman, Cambridge UK.