Re: American Eagle using GPS as Primary Nav

Date:         05 Dec 96 02:27:19 
From: (Alan Chesnutt)
Organization: The New York Yankees
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In article <airliners.1996.2516@ohare.Chicago.COM>, wrote:

> Looking at the American Airlines web pages I found a press release
> which says that American Eagle will serve St Vincent nonstop from SJU
> using an ATR-42.  They say this is possible since they will use GPS
> for navigation, reducing the block time to 1:58 from the otherwise
> 2:20.  They also say they intend to serve Tobago similarly.  Is this a
> first?

No. Airlines have used either RNAV, LORAN, IRS, or GPS for years.

> Are there different rules for operators from Puerto Rico?
> Specifically, I've noted that some of Eagle's (Executive Airlines)
> planes based at SJU had French, not US, registration.  Perhaps this is
> symmetry, since I've seen Air France planes (747, 737) with US, not
> French registration.

No. Puerto Rico is a US posession and they operate using ICAO rules.

> One thing that bothers me about Eagle flights from SJU is that they
> are predominantly over water and they don't carry life jackets, etc.
> While there may always be an island within 20-30 minutes flight, some
> don't have airports that can handle an ATR.

Life jackets are not required on overwater flights within 30 minute
distance of a "suitable" airport with one engine inop.
It would have to be a mighty small airport to "not handle" an ATR. It has
demonstrated landings to a full stop at MLDW in 2800 feet using flaps 40.

I thought it was the heavy drinking, the
late hours, the barking mad women, the lying around in bed
reading cheap spy novels and eating Nescafe out of the jar
with a spoon. But no, it was all because of Eagle.