accident investigation (was:Computer blame for accidents?)

Date:         05 Dec 96 02:27:18 
From: (Archibald McKinlay)
Organization: McKinlay & Associates
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cross-posted for coverage of germane areas affected.

I have come under pressure to include a section in my book on software
system safety engineering and program management to include a chapter on
accident/mishap investigation. (due to publisher in May 97)...

I have teamed with an experienced accident investigation co-author to
provide this chapter and we are drawing up the chapter outline now. I will
connect the front chapters on requirements, specification, deisgn, code,
test, and hazard analyses, to the individual topics of this mishap
investigation chapter. So most anything in one chapter is covered by
another rather than leaving you hanging...

I need to know what y'all (boy, I may regret this) might like to see
covered in this section.  Please be kind to my server, but email me your
input as soon as possible.

BTW, chapters of this book, while copyrighted, will be available for
comment on my web page soon. My pages are under construction so don't
expect anything yet. ALSO on these pages are copies of the standards work
for ISO's ITS (was intelligent highway systems) and IEEE for rail
transport in software safety.

cheers, arch

 Archibald McKinlay, VI   McKinlay & Associates    St Louis, MO, USA
Software Safety Engineering and Management 
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