Re: MD-88 Nose gear trouble

Date:         05 Dec 96 02:27:18 
From:         J P McLaughlin <>
Organization: The Gecko Group
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Robert M. Rike, Jr. wrote:

> We pass right over the
> end of the runway.  The pilot cirlced like this two or three more
> times with the flaps partially extended.  Then he came on and
> announced that they were having a problem getting a green light on the
> nose gear saying that it was locked.  Does this mean it was extending
> but not locking in position?

This is more often than not a sensor problem rather than a physical
problem with the gear. The low passes across the airport permit
personnel on the ground to visually report to the crew what they see.
Also it would be fairly common to cycle the gear 2 or 3 times to see if
the sensor begins to behave. I was a dispatcher at Flying Tigers back in
the 1970s and we often had this problem with the older DC-8s, but I can
never recall a time when it wasn't the light that was the problem.