Re: Import taxes when buying an airliner?

Date:         04 Dec 96 02:42:18 
From: (Keith Howie)
Organization: AccessOne
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>This area [ed: aircraft financing] in fact, is the most secretive and arcane
>part of the whole airliner business - as all the speculation about the financing
>of USAir's Airbus order shows.

>Does anyone know all the technicalities of Boeing's 'handover' flight - and
>what is the Airbus equivalent?

I can't vouch for the accuracy of it and it's probably somewhat dated
now, but the October 1990 issue of The Atlantic had an interesting
article about the 747 entitled "Leviathans of the Sky". It includes a
portion about this particular subject. The writer describes his
experience on a flight out off the coast of Washington State that was
made for the purpose of conducting the various financial transactions
associated with the sale of a 747.