Swept wing for transonic flight explanation?

Date:         04 Dec 96 02:42:18 
From:         ifly <ifly@indigo.ie>
Organization: Indigo
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I`ve never had a satisfactory (to me, anyways) explanation as to why
sweep delays the onset of buffet. I`ve heard the explanations about the
vector, but the "little golden book of knowledge" explanation was a bit
too simple.
My best understanding is: The sweep produces a more slender airfoil to
the RW by virtue of the longer chord, thus producing less acceleration.
Is this true? I can buy this, but it also sounds too simple.
My understanding of low speed buffet is equally vague. Is the low speed
buffet at altitude induced by the increased speed of the airflow over the
wing as a result of increased AOA?

Any replies gratefully received!

J Morris