Re: Emergency landing on water ?

Date:         04 Dec 96 02:42:17 
From: (Simon Craig)
Organization: OzEmail Ltd - Australia
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>In the case of the fiasco near Comoras Islands the weather appeared
>fine (full visibility, no/small waves on the water) and because they
>ran simply out of fuel there is no reason to assume any other
>technical problem. I could also see a fuel-explosion at the rear of
>the aircraft while it broke up, so I assume the APU was still working
>and they had still electricity and hydraulics to control the plane
>(eyewitness reported they heard that at least one engine was off, but
>there was a little engine noise - the APU?).

>From what I can see, I'm not sure that it is a fuel explosion.  It appears
to be more likely the reaction of the plane digging into the very shallow
water it impacted in.  To me it could very easily be sand being displaced,
or maybe even coral.


Simon Craig

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