Re: TWA Flight 800 accident

Date:         02 Dec 96 01:44:35 
From: (John Knopp)
Organization: National Hackers Association
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Dennis Chamberlin <Dennis.Chamberlin@Tek.COM> wrote:

>I believe the flight was in visual conditions. In these circumstances,
>the primary reference for aircraft attitude is the outside environment.
>I've never heard of a case where a pilot was fooled by a gyro when the
>ground and horizon was visible during daylight.

The only time the outside environment should be used as the _primary_
reference for aircraft attitude in a large jet is in the flare, IMO.
Even then it's a good idea to check the ADI if you are bleeding
excessive amounts of speed while "holding it off" because most
tail-strike incidents seem to occur in this regime.

Even if they wanted to look out the window, at 280-300 kts. during a
climb in the 747 the only thing you'll see out the front is blue sky
or stars!  (Same thing for the DC-9, for that matter!)

John Knopp