Re: 747 forward cargo door

Date:         02 Dec 96 01:44:35 
From: (Simon Craig)
Organization: OzEmail Ltd - Australia
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>I've flown on these planes a number of times and never noticed any
>different sound from United's other JT9D-equipped 747s.  They have
>JT9D-7J engines, as opposed to the JT9D-7A engines on United's
>747-100s, but the difference is relatively minor.  (Near the end of
>their career with Qantas, they had JT9D-7FW engines.  I'm not sure
>if UA or QF changed them.)

When they left Qantas at least, they were all 7FWs.  The departing of last
of the "coal burners" was a great time of rejoicing for all of QF
Engineering :-)


Simon Craig

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