Re: 747 forward cargo door

Date:         02 Dec 96 01:44:35 
From:         "David G. Davidson" <>
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John S. Maddaus wrote:
> I sat in my seat listening to some terrific banging (hammers I
> presume) going on.  My whole seat shook each time.  A bit disconcerting to say
> the least.  The pilot finally announced that the baggage crew had indeed hit
> the edge of the cargo door opening and damaged it and they wanted to make
> sure the seal wasn't damaged

They may have just hit the stainless steel door threshold. The banging
was probably the threshold being beaten back into shape. Though an hour
of beating seems a little excessive.

> My questions are:
> 1)  The gates were never brought back during
> this time.  Wouldn't one of the crew want to look at this? and the fix?

This really would have required a logbook entry. I think UA has an
electronic logbook and it may not require a visit to the cockpit by

> 2)  Who has final authority for verifying the fix is sufficient? Ground
> personnel?  Having worked with hammers before, it didn't seem to be an overly
> precise way of bending metal.

Maintenance is the final authority for the fix. Don't forget that the
mechanic is the one that signs the Airworthiness Certification after
each repair or check. The flight crew can still refuse the airplane, but
the only signature certifying airworthiness is the mechanics.

> I heard the pilot tell the tower we had to go
> back to the gate.  This time it was to replace a burnt out strobe under the
> belly.  Took only a few minutes, but we finally got off.  Tightest I've ever
> worn my seat belt!

Not familar with the 747 MEL but it seems like this should be something
that could be deferred.