Re: Airbus on a roll

Date:         02 Dec 96 01:44:34 
From: (RD Rick)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1996.2632@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Robert
Carpenter) writes:
>I still have a bit of trouble understanding the 45% of list price
>quoted for the USAir Airbus order.  Isn't a major portion of the cost
>of a plane made up of components bought in, not produced by the
>airframe monger?  By the time that you've paid for engines and
>electronics, how much of the selling price is available to actually
>bend the metal or to give away as a purchase incentive?

Don't blame the avionics.  As I've heard, they account for less than 3%
of the price, probably less than the landing gear, and for sure less
than the cabin interior.

For being such simple devices: suck, squeeze, bang, blow, the engines
sure are priced high, however..