Re: 737: Take-off without flaps?

Date:         02 Dec 96 01:44:34 
From: (Larry Stone)
Organization: InterServe Communications, Inc.
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In article <airliners.1996.2520@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Bernie Gracy, Jr."
<> wrote:

>Can a 737 take off without flaps down?  The captain claimed we were in no
>danger.  What is proper procedure? Aren't the flaps supposed to come down
>after pushback and engine start but before reaching the taxiway?

Not directly to the point but worth pointing out: most light planes do not
use flaps for takeoff except in some short field conditions. When I'm
flying a plane like a Piper Warrior, I have flaps on the checklist but
it's to make sure they're up. Takeoff flaps do reduce ground roll and the
distance required to reach a given altitude but also reduce rate of climb
making it take longer to reach a given altitude. Given adequate runway and
no obstructions, your goal is to maximize rate of climb so that if
something happens, you're as high as possible.

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   Belmont, CA, USA
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